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    Hawaii wins when we do.
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    Over 100 years of
    combined lobbying Experience

Some facts About Us

Capitol Consultants of Hawaii, LLP is the premier lobbying and governmental relations firm in Hawaii

Our customer base includes Fortune 500 companies, and a wide array of international, national, state, and local companies, concerns, trade associations, and business groups. In addition to our two principal lobbyists, G.A. “Red” Morris and John Radcliffe, we also employ a staff of administrative and technical support personnel, as well as other political operatives, who are also highly trained and skilled.

Lobbying is a personal relationship business, and our two principal lobbyists collectively have over eighty years of top-notch, front-line, experience in Hawaii business, politics, labor, and legislative life at all levels of government. Their experience includes appointive service in the executive branch of state government in a number of important capacities. Our other staff operatives are similarly experienced and qualified to represent our clients.

Our Team

G.A. "RED" Morris

Co-founder & Chairman

One of the first professional lobbyists in Hawaii is G.A. “Red” Morris. He opened up his own lobbying business in 1974, thirty-four years ago, and he is the person to go to when business interests have a tough issue.

John Radcliffe

Co-founder & President Emeritus

a veteran union leader, educator, writer, speaker, lecturer, and governmental and political action specialist. During the past three decades he has been involved in more political campaigns in Hawaii than virtually any other person. An active lobbyist at the state and national level for forty years.

Bruce Coppa


one of Hawaii’s most effective leaders for years. As Chief of Staff to Governor Neil Abercrombie, he made the day to day decisions that ran the State Government of Hawaii during the Abercrombie Administration. Prior to becoming Chief of Staff in 2011, Bruce was the Comptroller of Hawaii.

Blake Oshiro

Executive Vice President

may be the most competent, multi-faceted, policy leaders in Hawaii today. He served in the House of Representatives for eleven years where he was Majority Floor Leader for four years and Majority Leader for another four.

Learn More About Us!

Hawaii is not an easy place to do or get business. For one thing, it is the most distant place from any other business centered place—on the planet. Its closest neighbor is the North American continent, over 2,600 miles, and three time zones, away. Added to the distance factor is Hawaii’s unique political and social context and climate.

Our firm, and our personnel, are all known quantities to all of the political leaders in Hawaii, and have very good personal and working relationships with all of them, including all members of the Federal and state judiciary, the Hawaii members of Congress, the Governor, the various mayors of our four counties, the seventy-six members of the State Legislature, the members of all of the County Councils, and many, many, members of the staff of all three branches of government.
Lobbying and governmental relations work may be based on personal relationships, but it includes a great amount of hard work. We read every bill and resolution, categorize them for our clients, keep electronic, interactive, secure, web sites on all legislation for each client, and actively track each bill and/or resolution. We attend all meetings and hearings, both administrative and legislative, we and our staff take notes, provide testimony, collect and analyze the testimony of others, and perform the myriad of tasks necessary to stay constantly on top of all legislation of interest to our clients.

Much of lobbying is about “defense,” preventing legislation inimical to the interests of a client, but we also pursue positive legislation on behalf of clients, and we are generally successful in getting it passed.

In fact, success is what drives our interests in representation.