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G.A. "Red" Morris        John Radcliffe        Bruce Coppa

Capitol Consultants of Hawaii, LLP is the premier lobbying and governmental relations firm in Hawaii. Our customer base includes Fortune 500 companies, and a wide array of international, national, state, and local companies, concerns, trade associations, and business groups. In addition to our principal lobbyists, G.A. “Red” Morris, John Radcliffe and Bruce Coppa, we also employ a staff of administrative and technical support personnel, as well as other political operatives, who are also highly trained and skilled.
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Our Firm, Capitol Consultants of Hawaii, is unique, and the largest lobbying entity in Hawaii. It is a full-service,100%, twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, government relations entity. All we do, and we care to do, is politics and lobbying

Our company’s fundamental, underlying principle is summed up in our company slogan

“Hawaii wins when we do.”

We are the most qualified, experienced, and forward looking lobbying team in Hawaii, and have represented dozens of businesses, industries, unions and individuals, from multi-national corporations to mom and pop operations. The press calls us "the pre-eminent lobbying firm in Hawaii."